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Advance Life Coaching Testimonials

Personal Development, Coaching or Business Communication Skills Courses

Stephen Coleman - Director of SC Consultancy & Training

I first met Lorraine at a local speed networking event and from this initial brief meeting built a rapport with her that I believe has developed into a personal and business relationship that's proved to be invaluable in helping me to reach my goals. Lorraine's passion for NLP is infectious and inspiring, her ability to teach the theory of NLP in a practical way has enabled me to apply the techniques and tools almost immediately in both my work and personal life. In particular, her coaching has had an instant impact on some difficult situations and as a result my performance has been enhanced. Lorraine created a safe environment on the course in which to personally experience and practice the application of NLP that has truly embedded my learning both now and for the future. An enjoyable and memorable learning experience, thank you.

Paul Callaghan, Vice President, Transaction Execution Group.

I recently completed the one week NLP course run by Lorraine. The course was full of fascinating insights and techniques that will help make positive changes to your life.

In particular it will help you to understand yourself better, improve your communications skills generally and most importantly it has the potential to help you improve the important relationships in your life (whether it be at work, home or friends).

Lorraine is a consummate professional, who is extremely knowledgeable in NLP and a very energetic tutor.  All of these attributes combine to make her NLP course interactive, informative and just plain good fun. Lorraine is truly passionate about what she does and she genuinely wants to help people to unlock their hidden potential. I strongly recommend both Lorraine's personal coaching and the Advance Coaching NLP course to anyone who wants to start making positive changes in their life. 

Dena Plaice - Colour and Life Coach

The course really helped me to increase my personal performance, because I was able to let go of negative emotions from past experiences. This has now made the present more enjoyable, clear and useful. This has enabled me to increase my results and profit. I now have clarity and vision of my goal for the future.

Janet Raval – Primary School Assistant

I would just like to thank you so much for the wonderful Personal Development and Communications Skills course that I attended in March 2012.  It was wonderfully put together and I've learned a lot of techniques and ' tools ' to be used to get me in a good state. It was full of self-discovery and I will benefit from it for the rest of my life.

Jane Bousfield, Study Support Adviser (Disabilities) Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Working as a coach myself at the university, I was hooked on the first day of training in my very first coaching session with Lorraine, by the important and beautiful concept that people have within them their own solutions which can be harnessed by skilful questioning. The liberation from the burden of responsibility for others has boosted my confidence and revolutionised my work and made me see other people as rich resources rather than full of problems. I can't wait to learn more on the rest of the coaching course.

Richard Toll – Director of Wesselton Associates Ltd - SJP Financial Management

“Having already had an introduction to NLP I was not sure how much benefit I would get from a further weeks course. I was pleasantly surprised. If I was to list my learning's from the week they would run off the bottom of the page.

The course introduced easy-to-use techniques that, with practice, will open up endless opportunities. Not just in business but for life in general. Whether you want to enhance relationships, get the best out of yourself and others, improve your results in business or just simply get better at what you already do, then I would highly recommend this course.”

Jonny Queen – Operations Manager at One Leisure

“Lorraine was my tutor on my NLP practitioner course. The training was brilliant. Very well structured and organized to optimize the learnings. The techniques that were taught have been beneficial in all walks of life from work, relationships and sport. Before going on the course I'd always wanted to set up my own business but kept putting it off. A week after the course I had produced a business plan and also registered my company's name. This course is very powerful and although at first, I was concerned about the cost of the price, I would happily now say after going on the course that this course is invaluable and the investment will pay back in dividends. Lorraine's attention to detail in the delivery and structure of the course has been key to imbedding the message and outcomes of the course. Lorraine has a friendly yet professional approach, which instantly makes you feel at ease and helps to get the best out of individuals. I would recommend this course and Lorraine to anyone. Life changing!”

Ceri Whybrow working as a Health & Wellbeing Manager

"Since I have attended the NLP Practitioners course, my whole outlook on life has completely changed. It is truley motivational, I have learnt so many techniques to improve my life. I had a great time and met some amazing people as well. The course was well presented and the trainers were truley inspirational, they gave support, shared their knowledge and experiences. Great course, I would highly recommend it "

Karen Christoffersen - Reiki Therapist and Coach

Going on the NLP Practitioners course is the best thing I have ever done and I have learned so much.  How good is it to get a bag full of tools to create a better life for your-self; to get rid of old negative beliefs, negative emotions, anxiety, anger, hurt, stress.  How good is it to change all this so we can grow, be happy and live the life we are dreaming of.  This is what NLP techniques can do.  Lorraine is an amazing trainer and we had such fun as a group, laughing every day, so much fun.  The days flew by and I feel honoured to be part of this.  It is worth every penny!

Rudy Kayibanda - Stakeholder Relations - Swift Training

I had read a couple of books on NLP, but nothing will replace a practical course. I have known that for a long time, but after the course with Lorraine, it is even more true than ever before. We spent a full week going through not only the theory, but also the practical exercises of NLP tools. We could not see the hours passing by, as the subject and the delivery were so fascinating. Following this practitioner course, we have all the tools in hand to develop our coaching skills for our benefits, or for the benefits of our future customers.

It was a great course and lorraine has the passion to pass her knowledge and her experience to anyone interested in personal development and in coaching. Thank you for sharing this treasure with us Lorraine.

 Jean Wright - Coach

Lorraine you were amazing.  I am so grateful for all you did.  What a journey, I found my bliss. Thank You.

Mick Davies, Senior University Pathways Manager, EF University Preparation, Cambridge.

Lorraine Warne has worked closely with EF University Preparation over the last five years as a tutor and trainer. She has been particularly valued in her role as performance coach, and as such is regularly engaged in group and individual work with our students.

A notable demonstration of her quality was shown in her recent work with selected employers of Indonesia's largest state owned bank, Bank Mandiri. As part of this bank's future vision, 32 of their 22,000 employees have been selected to assume future positions as the next generation of executives, and after a period of training with us go on to MBA's at the top 40 MBA schools worldwide. The pressure on all of us to perform was matched only by the scale of the task in front of us.

Our task was to prepare these candidates for their MBA's. None of them had ever been abroad before, all had limited language skills but most noticeably all had serious issues of cultural adjustment, which meant that they simply could and would not cope with MBA's they were applying to, MBA's where their fellow students would be far more globalised, assertive and powerful and who, in most cases, had come from executive roles in US and European corporations. Lorraine was tasked with preparing these Mandiri candidates for interview, with strategic planning, with motivating them and with giving them superb communication skills.

It is largely due to the effective and incisive input of Lorraine and her team that we have achieved 100% placement of these first 32 employees and an extension of the contract with the bank for a further five years. The feedback from the Mandiri candidates themselves with regard to her preparation is absolutely positive and from my position, her training methods and her personal effectiveness were a deciding factor in their individual successes in securing places among these top class universities around the world.

No one I have met has the ability to transmit enthusiasm and to motivate people like Lorraine. She has empathy as her second nature and fine ability to respond to her clients' issues by providing fresh perspectives and alternative dimensions. She is skilled in isolating problems from their secondary issues of anxiety, shock and displacement, and in then rebuilding people into a new state of self confidence and enhanced self-esteem.

She is a key part of the success of our organization in training and preparing people embarking on major changes in their lives, and my recommendation, to any organisation seeking to improve its performance by investing in personal development, is unreserved.

One day Workshops

Placid Gonzales - St.Jame's Place Financial Services

Excellent session, put over very well in easy steps.

Nick Heard - St. Jame's Place Financial Services

Very interesting and well presented.

Stephen Germain from St.Jame's Place Financial Services

Very Enlightening - Makes Sense


1:1 Coaching Sessions

Laura Singleton, Principle Commercial Officer, Marshall Land Systems;

Lorraine has helped me change the way I look at and analyse situations, meaning that it is now easier to see the way forward focussing on the positives. I have learnt some very useful tools to assist me on my career path and through life in general.

Sarah Thompson Phd Student, Cambridge University.

Thanks to my meetings with Lorraine I feel I have increased my self-confidence especially where it concerns my work ethos. I feel I have increased my reliability at getting to work on time or returning to work after breaks and that I have better techniques now to deal with stress and demotivation.

What exactly I want to acheive, either with myself, or in my day to day life, is always much clearer after meetings with Lorraine and I always feel equipped to resolve the issues. I also feel that aside from the immediate motivating effects of our meetings that I am now more adept at figuring these things out for myself.

Our sessions are always comfortable and friendly and I feel like I can say as much or as little as I wish on any topic. Lorraine has always been a kind and attentive listener. Now, I feel generally more motivated and content in my life and that I am the person I want to be. I am very glad I decided to see Lorraine and I would recommend her to anyone, whatever they were searching for.

Sophie from Cambridge.

Lorraine you have given me the opportunity to find clarity and choice for myself. The tools we have used have helped me make a firm decision for the first time in three years. I no longer feel constrained by anxiety and indecision. I'm now looking forward to the future and the future is bright.

Pete, business owner from Cambridge.

From the moment I began my coaching sessions with Lorraine I knew something good was going to come out of it. I've only had 10 coaching sessions and I'm back, feeling strong and confident. My business has suffered dreadfully, but I now have the confidence to rebuild it. I now have great self belief and I have tools for the future to use because of my coaching sessions. It's just knowing that when life throws up a hurdle, I can deal with it. Since I started the coaching I have packed up smoking. I've cut down on my drinking and joined a gym. I now feel able to achieve my personal goals as well as my business goals. I've become much more healthier in myself.

Karen Brenchley, Education Centre Coordinator, Cambridge.

"What happened in my coaching sessions with Lorraine was totally unexpected. It was very powerful and incredibly useful. I have a feeling that what I learnt will be with me for the rest of my life. The coaching was hard work, but enjoyable and there were moments of sudden realisation about why I did certain things. I'm already thinking in different ways and I think this is the start of being able to deal with things more constructively and positively."

Killian McDermott, Entrepreneur, London.

'If you want to make some important changes, seek clarity, are at a crossroads and you need direction, want a greater sense of peace and understanding of who you really are or you desire to finally achieve great things, build a successful business, be fulfilled in work and love and simply to be happy now... then I highly recommend that you spend time with Lorraine Warne - she is without doubt, a unique and market leading coach, consultant and trainer. My experience of Lorraine is that she is a great and natural communicator. She's lots of fun to be with and very effective in enabling me to get results. With her infectious passion and enthusiasm, Lorraine helped me to finally believe in my potential, leave behind what was blocking me, and share all the essential tools, techniques and skills to realise it. Lorraine is honest, intuitive and cuts to the chase. It was a really inspiring experience!

Andy Howard (howardandy@yahoo.co.uk)

When I went for my breakthrough session with Lorraine I knew there were many areas in my career and personal life, where I wanted to do better and areas where I was not quite sure what I wanted. In my breakthrough session Lorraine helped me uncover things that I had been hiding even from myself, to face up to them and resolve them. She allowed me to really let go of my negative emotions, to quiet the nagging doubting voice in my head and to see my own true potential. Lorraine was open and caring, but always clear that the more honest I was with myself, the more I would achieve. As a result of working with Lorraine I now have a new belief in myself and my ability to be everything I want to be. For that I will always be most grateful.

Clare, from Portsmouth working in the NHS

My life had been spinning out of control for almost 2 years after a bereavement & a relationship breakup. My mind became clogged with negativity & I found myself unable to move forward in both my personal life & my career. Lorraine enabled the change in my ability to take control of decisions & choices necessary to progress in life. Before the session with Lorraine positive decision making was impossible due to the presence of a huge amount of negativity that I had developed. The initial intensive session created the ability to think positively & face the causes of the unconscious negativity. Since the session I have taken control again & feel an energy that I had been lacking in my life for so long. Throughout my life so far I had always believed that there was a path mapped out for us to follow. I now believe that I can control my own destiny & Lorraine has given me the tools to do this .....& it works!

Sarah, Member of the David Lloyd Gym, Cambridge;

I used to be very fearful of life and found everything an effort. After only 6 sessions with Lorraine I now look at problems as opportunities. I also have so much more energy than before the coaching sessions and I'm progressing towards my goals of; losing weight, getting fit and enbarking on the career I really want.

Gemma Anglestein, Director of Couture Beauty, Cambridge;

I am pleased to provide a testimonial based on my Business Coaching provided by Lorraine Warne at Advance Life Coaching.

Lorraine helped me to identify the strategic directions and decisions that the business needed to make and to work out a timescale for putting the initial stages in place. The sessions in which Lorraine and I worked together on were enjoyable, enlightening, stimulating and focused. Lorraine finished the series of coaching sessions with future areas to consider and provided information and materials which will provide a valuable reference for the future.

I am extremely appreciative of this opportunity to gain valuable insight and skills which will benefit the business as a whole and have been pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Advance Life Coaching to other business owners and Entrepreneurs.

Karen an Entrepreneur from London had this to say after her Breakthrough Session;

If you are looking for help to achieve your goals, reduce stress or gain a better quality of life, then I would highly recommend Lorraine. Her enthusiastic and energetic approach is infectious and she is able to use a combination of techniques to ensure that any negative emotions are discovered and dealt with quickly and effectively. I'm now ready to achieve all those dreams that have been alluding me for so long!

Janne Eva, Pre-Masters Student Oxford;

It's a fantastic feeling! It'slike there is no burden anymore. In life we always have problems, but after Lorraine's coaching I can face the world without feeling low. I am more active now. Before when I was feeling sad I didn't have the energy to do something, but now my body pushes me to do the things I want to do. Now I sleep without feeling sorry for my self and now something in my body makes me relax. It's given me a new life and a new way of thinking. When I laugh and smile now I am sincere and do not pretend to be happy in front of people.

Steve, Entrepreneur, Cambridge;

Making changes to the way you lead your life is completely down to you and your willingness and ability to do so. Whilst often the willingness is there, the lack of ability often seems to hold us back. In my case, the willingness was definitely there, yet I struggled to actually make changes, and found myself in a frustrating cycle that I was desperate to break. In an engaging, effective and non-dogmatic manner, Lorraine helped me turn my back on negative issues that were holding me back and provided me with tools to help me focus on doing what I want to do in life in the way I wish to do them. Whilst there is no such thing as a 'magic cure' or a 'quick fix', the changes have all been surprisingly easy to implement and Lorraine has supported me with regular contact.

Lefki, a Primary School Teacher from London;

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for having met you. The Time Line Therapy we have worked on together has been utterly amazing; it has left me feeling liberated. Uplifted and totally motivated to move on with my life and achieve my goals. I am more relaxed, less stressed and far more positive than I have ever been.

Jacob Melaard, Head Chef private dining. The Grove Hotel. London;

The enthusiasm and dedication that Lorraine displays while working is incredible. She is able to clearly explain how processes work for an individual and is driven to get the best results for her client. She has left a lasting impression on me, and by working with Lorraine I was able to achieve fabulous results.

Claire, Entrrepreneur from London;

I would like to wholeheartedy recommend Lorraine Warne. I was incredibly impressed by Lorraine's professionalism and ability to very quickly understand my issues and she was able to show me some great ways to improve my life and how I could achieve my goals. I have been able to overcome some major negative problems and now have no doubts that I will be able to live a far more fulfilled life thanks to her work with me. Thanks Lorraine.

Helga Wentworth, a tax consultant, kindly had this to say after the coaching sessions with me had been completed;

I am really pleased to have met Lorraine who always radiates energy and strength. The coaching sessions that I have had from Lorraine have proven to be very powerful and I recommend anyone that wishes to become more of a person in every part of their life to contact Lorraine and take advantage of her expertise.

Tracey Hayes from Purple Haze Virtual Resource Services;

Lorraine has helped me pin point and then unravel many mysteries thatI have kept hidden for years; I now have new skills and new thinking patterns and am experiencing welcome acceptance and more peace on the continuing journey. Working with Lorraine has given me greater clarity and understanding of what makes me tick and I have learnt tools and strategies which I could put into practice immediately and which are helping me create happier and more positive relatinships. I have a clearer direction and focus for my life and more resources at my disposal in facing challenges. Thank You!

Crispin a teacher from Cambridge;

Valuable, insightful and practical - which is helping to create a new me in my own time and at my own pace. Thank you Advance Life Coaching!

Sam a student from Cambridge;

Educational Coaching has really helped me to be more confident when I’m speaking in front of other people. I feel so much calmer now. I get much higher marks now for presentations. Thanks

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