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Success in a Business Environment

Laura Singleton, Principle Commercial Officer, Marshall Land Systems; Lorraine has helped me change the way I look at and analyse situations, meaning that it is now easier to see the way forward focussing on the positives. I have learnt some very useful tools to assist me on my career path and through life in general.

Danielle owns her own business; "Things have been great since the business coaching! I can honestly feel such a massive difference in myself. Everthing feels so much more positive now and even when I've had problems with work (or anything) I have been dealing with it in such a different, more focussed way. I'm absolutely loving it! Thank you, I'm really, really grateful to you!"

Andy who works for Virgin (howardandy@yahoo.co.uk); "When I went for my breakthrough session with Lorraine I knew there were areas in my career and personal life where I wanted to do better and areas where I was not quite sure what I wanted. In my breakthrough session Lorraine helped me uncover things that I had been hiding even from myself, to face up to them and resolve them. She allowed me to really let go of my negative emotions, to quiet the nagging doubting voice in my head and to see my own true potential. Lorraine was open and caring but always clear that the more honest I was with myself, the more I would achieve. As a result of working with Lorraine I now have a new belief in myself and my ablility to be everything I want to be. For that, I will always be most grateful."

Steve, owns his own business in Cambridge; "Making changes to the way you lead your life is completely down to you and your willingness and ability to do so. Whilst often the willingness is there, the lack of ability often seems to hold us back. In my case, the willingness was definitely there, yet I struggled to actually make changes and found myself in a frustrating cycle that I was desperate to break. In an engaging, effective and non-dogmatic manner, Lorraine helped me turn my back on negative issues that were holding me back and provided me with tools to help me focus on doing what I want to do in life in the way I wish to do it. Whilst there is no such thing as a 'magic cure' or a 'quick fix', the changes have all been surprisingly easy to implement and Lorraine has supported me with regular contact."

Dan from London, came to see me because he felt that he wanted to be more confident in his work environment. After each and every session I found that I experienced a real change at work, which was exactly what I was looking for. I had been very sceptical about coaching and to my surprise I got the results I wanted!

Dan holds a high-powered role in an international organisation. He is extremely intelligent and highly respected by his colleagues, his team members and senior managers. Yet Dan found that inside he did not feel the confidence that he believed he needed for this role.

In each session we dealt with one specific aspect of how he felt, how he sees himself and how he comes across to others at work. We looked at changing physiology, use of language and anchoring positive and confident feelings from other situations, so that this became an accessible and easy to use resource.

In only six sessions, Dan achieved exactly the results he had been looking for. His body language portrayed his new self confidence; he was more active and had a greater impact in meetings. He found himself moving ‘towards’ his goals rather than ‘away from’ activities he did not like to do.

So, in what ways can you imagine greater confidence and self-esteem and how would this be valuable in your life?

What would you do differently today, if you had just 10% more self confidence right now?

Personal Coaching -Laura’s own testimonial:

"I had identified a few areas I wanted to change in my life, but just didn’t know how. I knew that I couldn’t make the changes by myself, that I needed help, which is why I went to see Lorraine.

In just six sessions spaced over 14 weeks I was astounded in the differences I and my friends have witnessed in myself. Lorraine and I touched on and made progress in many areas, in so very few sessions. She has a real gift of recognising what a person needs and giving it to them in the right way at the right time. After every session I felt I had learnt so much about myself and experienced feelings of happiness and calmness which would last for days after. Lorraine taught me how to use some of the tools she uses which I now use to help myself when needed.

Some areas I feel real changes in myself include:

I have a greater awareness of the destructive habits in my life and I now value myself and know how to find the time and space that I need to relax.

I have more confidence and self-esteem, I am happier and, most significantly, have a greater value of myself.

I have learnt to control my feelings and emotions. I am feeling calm, clear and am more balanced. The areas that used to cause me to feel stress, or make me feel anxious, are not giving me those feelings any more. I am in control of my life!

The sessions I had with Lorraine were extremely effective and I regard them as a worthwhile investment of my time and money and it is my intention to continue on a regular basis in the future. I would fully recommend anyone going to see Lorraine for coaching and/or guidance in any aspect of their life."

So, in what ways can you imagine greater confidence and self-esteem and how would this be valuable in your life?

What would you do differently today, if you had just 10% more self-confidence right now

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