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NLP Practitioner & Master Courses - Cambridge

NLP Practitioner & Master Courses - Cambridge
This 5-day workshop is designed to improve understanding of leadership and management competencies by increasing personal effectiveness through improved business and communication skills. Our 5 days Personal Development and Business Communications Diploma course in Cambridge is designed to give you the best experience of increasing your own personal effectiveness and learning the new business psychology of NLP for use in business. This course is recognized and endorsed by the British based Institute of Leadership & Management. (ILM)

Why would you want to come on this course and what would you learn? You will ;

• Utilize proven skills and processes for effective communication
• Learn highly marketable skills
• Increase your Leadership skills
• Become a top performer
• Have successful and consistent sales - whether your selling ideas, products or services
• Deliver powerful and successful pitches or presentations that people really listen
to, enjoy seeing and install the message for consideration
• Dramatically enhance and maintain employee engagement
• Know a proven negotiation process that works every time
Manage teams for success, creativity, motivation and top performance
Have tools to work as a Coach and increase your own and your team's performance
Improve your business and personal results
Become more effective in your business using goal setting techniques
• Totally believe in yourself and boost your self confidence
Remove beliefs that you have about yourself that hold you back
Understand how the mind works and how to utilise this knowledge
• Know how to build deep rapport with anyone quickly and easily
Switch on positive states whenever you want to; such as confidence
• Understand yourself and others more

A guest speaker working at The Judge Business School – Cambridge University, will be giving a talk about business and how to be successful in Business on the course.

Who should come on a this course? It is recommended for any person in;
Sales, customer service, human resources, training, coaching, recruitment, therapy, students, teachers, managers, directors and business owners. This course can benefit anyone who wants to be motivated, develop new skills, have total belief in themselves and push their business forward. Whatever result you set out to achieve will be what you get!

What is a NLP Diploma?
The NLP is designed to enhance your understanding and application of NLP techniques in a structured and user-friendly format. NLP is a manual for the mind. This course is a personal development programme like no other. You will learn and grow throughout this informative, practical and fun five-days course. The course covers elements of NLP in business, which will provide management and leadership development in the workplace. You will also achieve diploma certification approved by the International Trainers Academy (ITA). On the first day you will receive a work manual to use throughout the course. Before, during and after the course you will have access to a Trainer who will be able to answer any questions.

The specific NLP tools you will be taught and practice in the seminars are: peripheral vision, eliciting your values, goal setting, cause and effect, principles for success, chain of excellence, breath of life, sensory acuity, predicates, communication preferences, presuppositions of NLP, meta mirror model, prime directives of the unconscious mind, anchoring, the NLP presentation format, submodality map across, leadership styles and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

Learning Points.
By the end of the course you will be able to:
• Understand NLP, its benefits and how to use it within business
• Understand more about people and how to positively influence them
• Communicate effectively with others to improve business relationships
• Set goals and align them to your future
• Build rapport with an NLP focus
• Overcome habits and behaviours that don't work for you • Understand how we internally code our experience of the world • Learn the facts of body language
• Understand the power of language and how to use this to gain positive results
• Learn how to flex your communication style to suit the situation
• Apply NLP presentation techniques to fully engage your audience
• Be able to increase your positive state of mind when you want to
• Turn procrastination into motivation
• Resolve any limiting decisions and help others to do the same
• Use the coaching tools from the course with individuals at work or at home • Learn how people make buying decisions
• Sell your products or services with confidence
• Negotiate with and influence others
• Devise the perfect meeting format

So what would happen if you came on the course?
We want you to have an experience to remember! Most people come away from the course feeling excited and motivated which leads to great results. This training meets the standards of the International Trainers Academy (ITA). It is one of the largest governing bodies for NLP in the world. Advance Coaching Consultant's courses are recognised and endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Each delegate will receive a Diploma in NLP Business Skills accredited by a trainer of the International Training Association (ITA) The British Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) endorse and recognize the course. You will also receive a certificate for completing the course from the ILM. This will entitle you to free 6 months access to the ILM's training website.

Case study example: A delegate wanted in the future to have the skills in which to play an active part in the world. She wanted to strengthen her leadership and management ability and wanted to overcome her weaknesses. For example she wasn't very good at giving good presentations and standing in front of people.

Knowing and practicing specific tools from the workshop such as: peripheral vision, being in cause and effect, knowing the principles of success and chain of excellence; increasing her sensory acuity, gaining knowledge of communication preferences, applying the presuppositions of NLP and gaining knowledge in building rapport; using her resource anchors and the framework of the NLP presentation model, would all greatly increase her expertise and aid her success in leadership and management for her future success.

Language Requirements:
TOEIC 600 IELTS 5.5 (On Pre-interview)
Accommodation included for 5 days at;

CAMBRIDGE university
Training Dates: 26th to 29th August 2014
Investment: £0000/delegate.
Numbers are limited 10 Maximum (to ensure your place book early - £500 + VAT non refundable deposit will ensure your place.)
Email: info.bslmm@gmail.com‬ (Japanese)‬‬

Who will be presenting the course in Global Business Skills Leadership & Management ?

Lorraine Warne director of Advance Coaching Consultants is an internationally recognized Master NLP Coach and Trainer who has worked with managers and leaders from global companies such as SWIFT (Belgium), EF University Preparation (London and Cambridge), QQ English (Japan and the Philippines), The Mandiri Bank Indonesia, The Commercial and Industrial Bank of China and many Entrepreneurs and business owners in the UK.

Lorraine has mentored students from Cambridge University in Teacher Training, completed Leadership and Management Business Communication workshops at the Cambridge Judge Business School (Cambridge University) and coached Cambridge University PhD students. She has also taught Business Communication and Entrepreneurship to pre-master students within EF University Preparation College, Cambridge. Advance Coaching Consultants also works closely with Anglian Ruskin University Cambridge and is an affiliated Business with the University.

Advance Coaching Consultants' top priority is to ensure that delegates leave any workshop/class or individual business coaching session with new tools and techniques and the knowledge of how and why to use the practical applications within a business context.

Master of Art Applied Linguistics
Post Graduate Certificate in Education
Combined Studies BA (Honours) Degree 2i
Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Diploma in Business Coaching
CELTA Certificate

Voices of the previous participants - Testimonials

Adi Corney - Operations Manager/Coach – Higgins Construction plc

Having spent most of my career in performance management and coaching I thought I was only going for a brush up on my skills. How pleasantly surprised I was to find that actually I had much more to learn! The tools and techniques demonstrated were superb and will undoubtedly help me in my career and indeed my passion 'football coaching'. The course was well organised and the delivery was excellent, with Lorraine of Advance orchestrating events splendidly. This was time and money well spent and I would strongly recommend this course for personal development or business purposes.

Testimonial: Richard Toll – Partner in St.James's Place Wealth Management.

The course introduced easy-to-use techniques that, with practice, will open up endless opportunities. Not just in business but for life in general. Whether you want to enhance relationships, get the best out of yourself and others, improve your results in business or just simply get better at what you already do, then I would highly recommend this course."

Testimonial: Stephen Chamberlain: - Partner in St.James's Place Wealth Management.

'I would strongly recommend working with Lorraine as I have the belief that she can make a positive impact on your business. If you want to grow your sales, treat this as an investment'

John Daniel Senior SAP Training Consultant - Tate & Lyle

Over the last 25 years I have been a senior training consultant and project manager, on numerous international business transformation programmes; I have found that the lack of effective communications has been a major barrier to organisations achieving the maximum business benefits. Having attended Lorraine's Effective Business Communications course, I am now able to implement an improved communications and learning & development strategy.'

Ceri Whybrow working as a Health & Wellbeing Manager in the NHS

"Since I have attended the Personal Development course, my whole outlook on life has completely changed. It is truley motivational, I have learnt so many techniques to improve my life. I had a great time and met some amazing people as well. The course was well presented and the trainers were truley inspirational, they gave support, shared their knowledge and experiences. Great course, I would highly recommend it "

Rudy Kayibanda - Stakeholder Relations - Swift Training – Belgium.

I had read a couple of books on NLP, but nothing will replace a practical course. I have known that for a long time, but after the course with Lorraine, it is even more true than ever before. We spent a full week going through not only the theory, but also the practical exercises of NLP tools. We could not see the hours passing by, as the subject and the delivery were so fascinating. Following this practitioner course, we have all the tools in hand to develop our coaching skills for our benefits, or for the benefits of our future customers.
It was a great course and lorraine has the passion to pass her knowledge and her experience to anyone interested in personal development and in coaching. Thank you for sharing this treasure with us Lorraine.

Jane Bousfield, Study Support Adviser Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Working as a coach myself at the university, I was hooked on the first day of training in my very first coaching session with Lorraine, by the important and beautiful concept that people have within them their own solutions which can be harnessed by skilful questioning. The liberation from the burden of responsibility for others has boosted my confidence and revolutionised my work and made me see other people as rich resources rather than full of problems. I can't wait to learn more on the rest of the coaching course.

For any further information please call Lorraine on 07714 330 600
or email info@advancecoachingconsultants.co.uk

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