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  How does Coaching work?
Nowadays, every successful athlete and performer has a personal coach. You deserve one too!

A coach can guide you or your organisation in setting and achieving goals for yourself or your business and make sure that you can easily break down the goals into manageable chunks. A coach can be seen as a personal trainer who is there to keep you moving along your chosen path and provide you with feedback to consistently help you improve your game.

A coach works with you on a one-to-one or team basis for a specified period of time. We will focus on your specific needs or desired area for change and enable you to develop new skills, patterns and habits.

Our coaching comprises of between six to ten sessions, where one hour is equivalent to one session. The coaching can take place face to face, on the telephone or via skype. Business coaching will be flexible regarding the amount of hours needed at one time. During this period we will encourage you to set your own goals. We will also provide feedback, discuss new or differing perspectives, offer encouragement and explore different ways of tackling situations. We keep in touch by e-mail between sessions, as required, to give support and encouragement.

Our coaches have no hidden agendas, only an unbiased view of your world. We will enable you to achieve your own goals and make it possible for you to reach your full potential. Think about how useful it would be to work with someone who believes in you, encourages you, gives you valuable feedback, shows you new perspectives and sets your sights on new horizons in a confidential and judgement free environment.

Remember that, coaching is a powerful alliance between a coach and an individual that produces exceptional results.

For any further information please call Lorraine on 07714 330 600
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