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Achieving Success in Business

Sean Missin, Procurement Officer from Cambridge

Lorraine provided practical problem solving techniques that enabled me to take control of a busy schedule making better use of time and obtaining better results at work that I can clearly measure. In addition Lorraine has helped me to prepare presentations and given good advice on technique and delivery. Finally Lorraine has a fantastic personality and is approachable, very knowledgeable and able to help with many different types of problems.

Mizuho Fujoka - Managing Director of QQ English - Japan- based in the Philippines

Lorraine has worked as our business coach, completing workshops at our international office and via skype now for nearly 3 years. We began with 40 employees and now have just under 300. The business coaching given by Advance> has enabled us to increase results by working around our management and leadership development. Other areas such as general people management; dealing with difficult clients, confidence building, stress management, team building and successful planning have all played it's part in the success of this company.

'I also had a one day Leadership & Management Course with Advance> Coaching Consultants - due to my tight schedule of visiting England- I was surprised that the short course contained many things, that have been effective and easily applicable; especially around communication skills within management. I would recommend working with Lorraine and Advance Coaching Consultants to ensure that you and your company get even better and more effective results.'

Richard Toll, St.James Place, Wesselton Associates

The course I took with Advance> in October 2011 introduced easy to use techniques that with practice will open up endless opportunities. In business as well as life in general. Whether you want to enhance relationships, get the best out of yourself and others or improve your results in business, then I would highly recommend the Advance>Coaching Consultants NLP Business course.

Business Coaching

Are there people within your business who don't communicate effectively with each other?
Would you be interested in ensuring your team focus on your desired business outcomes?

Are you interested in improving the people productivity and motivation of your team?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, then Advance>Coaching Consultants can help you now!

Advance> Coaching Consultants can, and will…

Increase the motivation of each of your team

Every good manager knows they need to manage different people in different ways but who has the time, knowledge and energy to actually do it! I can provide you with information as to what motivates, each member of your team, their business working communication style and how to keep your best performers happy within their role.

James Webb, former Oxford University Graduate now working at QQ English as the Linguistics Advisor says 'Lorraine delivers a very informative and helpful course with great energy and enthusiasm. The content is highly applicable to a wide variety of situations.'

Improve the Communication skills of each of your team

By providing you and each of your team with the preferred communication style of each team member internal communications drastically improve with team members adapting their communication style to meet the needs of the person they are communicating with.

Is there anyone in your team who you struggle to get through to? It may simply be that your communication styles are mis-matched. Recent training completed by Advance> Coaching Consultants for over 50 Managers and Leaders at the Institute of Directors at Pall Mall London, provided great benefit for them, in the way they were able to spot the communication styles of people, making amendments to the language that they used and the tone of their voice to better meet the needs of the employee and customer!

Desiree B. Lobetana, QQ English Manager. Testimonial from the communication workshop; 'I would rate the workshop 10 out of 10. It was interesting, informative and very well presented. This will definitely help me improve situations on communicating effectively with others at work.'

Improve the productivity of your workforce!

Advance> will align the values of the key members within your organisation so that you can be 100% confident that the values of your team members match those of your business, vastly increasing productivity!
People focus on what is important to them unconsciously and if their values are different (and they will be) to your business objectives, they will be spending time on things which are not important to your business, wasting time, energy and your money!
This will improve your business's ability to communicate both internally and externally ensuring that your key messages get through, increasing productivity, sales and turnover.

Helga Patoc, QQ English, HR Manager states ' The workshop with Lorraine has greatly helped me understand the thngs I've done and been doing in terms of communication. It will be usefu to my job as an HR manager and to my daily life.'

So if you want to reduce inefficiency, significantly improve financial performance and are serious about improving your business; get in touch with Advance>Coaching Consultants.


Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet -

Reduce inefficiency, miscommunication and reduce stress


Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet -

Significantly improve financial performance, improve communication internally and externally and keep your star performers

For any further information please call Lorraine on 07714 330 600
or email info@advancecoachingconsultants.co.uk

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