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It's the 5 week MindSet 2014 challenge - do you want to take control of your life by not allowing yourself to hold one negative thought consistently ....

First - For the next 7 days, throw out and refuse to hang onto any negative thoughts, feelings, questions, or words.

Second - When you notice focusing on the negative (it's that internal voice inside your head) - immediately ask yourself questions to get you to a better place.

Questions: 1 What is positive about this problem? 2. What is not perfect yet? 3. What can I do to make it the way I want it? 4. What am I willing no longer to do in order to make it the way I want it? 5. How can I enjoy the process while I do what is necessary to make it the way I want?

Third - When you wake up ask yourself: 1. What am I happy about in my life right now? 2. What's really exciting in my life right now? 3. What am I grateful for in my life right now?

Fourth - For the next week focus on solutions rather than problems.

Lastly - The week after repeat the second step and remember, if you still have a negative thought or feeling, it's ok, just do something about it and make sure you are in cause rather than effect. Just look at solutions and put your solution ideas into actions.

If you want me details or want to ask me any questions on this please email me on info@advancecoachingconsultants.co.uk






6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Career

It can sometimes be difficult to find work that is line with your values and will stimulate, satisfy you and fit into your lifestyle. Asking yourself the right questions can lead you to finding your true career path.

1 What do I want from a job? - Ask yourself Is it money, prestige, having autonomy and independence or working with a team that motivates you?

2. What do I love to learn about? - Ask yourself what are you passionate about - what gets you excited? You will have more energy and enthusiasm working in an area you are passionate about.

3. Who will give me an objective opinion? - Ask a past work colleague, someone who's opinion you respect, and then you can discuss your strengths. Knowing this will help you evaluate which skills you may be able to use in the future.

4. Which jobs do I find interesting? Perhaps a friend is in teaching or works for a wealth management company. Ask them about it and make a list of the jobs you want to know more about. Do some research.

5. What kind of life style do you want? It's important to think about lifestyle and the money needed to keep the life that you want. Many creative or vocational careers pay quite low, however the plus may be the satisfaction you receive from it.

6. Which coach would help me the best? The right coach is someone who has experience in this field of work, who you have good synergy with and is affordable for you.

Once you have decided the area you would like your career in, if you can talk to someone within that industry and network with them, it would really be a good place to start.. For free goal setting advice please click goal setting.



I have to share this with you all.... I went to the most wonderful music gig in Nimes at the weekend. You can get there by Ryan Air, flying from Luton. The gig was at an open air Roman Ampitheatre. It's the same one that the film Gladiators was filmed at. Go check it out for yourself and google it. Great bands such at Radio Head; DJ's such as David Guetta and classic old school rock such as Elton John.

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